About Our Company

Safa Luga is built on the principle to forbid the fraudulent happenings in the laundry sector. People are paying price for exactly nothing. We are here to deliver something. We know that laundry is not a magic but a process. We don't promise the magic but the best procedure to wash the clothes. We are here to deliver the international standard of wash/dryclean for the people in Nepal. Safa Luga is the true online on-demand laundry system. We pickup your clothes, wash/dryclean them, and then deliver it back to you.

How It Works?


Schedule A Pickup

Schedule a pickup by placing your order online/facebook/phone call.


Pickup Day

We will call you and come for picking up your laundry.


Delivery Day

Within 72hrs of Pickup we will call you and deliver the washed/dry-cleaned laundry back to you.



You can pay us via "Cash on Delivery" or "eSewa" or "Khalti"

Now Available In Store

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